Q: What time is worship?
A: Our worship begins at 9:45AM every Sunday in the main sanctuary.

Q: Do I need to be Korean or connected to Korean culture and people in some way in order to attend?
A: Not at all! We welcome everyone AND anyone from all walks of life, upbringings, culture and heritage, educational and vocational training, and beliefs.

Q: Where do I park?
A: We have a parking lot, so you do not need to worry about street parking or parking meters. One thing to keep in mind though, is that our service is sandwiched between two other services. When you arrive, there should be friendly volunteers who direct the flow of traffic from the parking lot into the church.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Whatever you feel comfortable wearing! We do not have a dress code, and we do not suggest one either.

Q: What worship style do you observe?
A: Our worship service is a blended format comprising of both contemporary and liturgical elements. The praise is usually contemporary praise songs, with some modernized hymns mixed in. The sermons are Christ-centered, expository, and exegetical.

Q: How long is your worship service?
A: Our service usually does not take longer than an hour to conclude. Please make time to join us for some snacks and fellowship afterwards!

Q: Do you provide childcare?
A: We believe in and practice covenant worship, and so while there is no childcare, there is a time allotted for a children’s message every service.

Q: Do you observe the sacraments?
A: There are two sacraments that we observe: (1) baptism, and (2) the Lord’s Supper. However, due to Rev. Charles Kim not being a PCUSA minister, we are not able to observe these sacraments as frequently as we would want. Advance notice is given to members when the sacraments will be observed.

Q: What is your position on gay marriage and homosexuality?
A: Although our church and congregation is a part of the PCUSA, which is a denomination that is affirming of gay marriage, all churches reserve the right to disagree with those conclusions. Our church does NOT agree with the presbytery (Twin Cities Area) or the denomination on this issue, and is non-affirming. In other words, we as a church believe that ALL sexual immorality–including homosexuality–is a sin.

Q: Are you committed to social justice issues?
A: We do not hold to 2KT (Two Kingdom Theology), and so we believe that there is a responsibility for us as Christians to be salt and light to the world in a very real and physical way. Therefore, we believe it is important to stand up and advocate for those who are being marginalized and oppressed, and to establish the presence of God’s justice. However, we believe that the fight for justice cannot be separated from the righteousness of God; justice is not an ideal that is independent from God, but finds its full and truest expression in and through God.